Postpartum Hair Loss-hair Loss Treatment

A new scale designed to help people with hair loss find the right treatment is helping thousands of people, but a new problem is causing concerns.

Key points:A new scale developed by the Australian Hair Foundation aims to help users identify their hair loss symptomsMore than 15 million Australians have hair loss disorder, and the Hair Loss Scale has become a cornerstone of the hair loss communityFor years, hair loss has been recognised as a significant and debilitating health issue.

The scale uses an algorithm to identify hair loss and to help patients understand the severity of their condition.

“Hair loss is a very complicated issue,” Hair Foundation CEO and founder Fiona Hetherington said.

“It’s a very complex issue for people to deal with and to really understand.

It’s a huge area of research, and it’s an area of great interest to us as a whole.”

Ms Hetheringsons experience as a woman who had a hair loss diagnosis made her realise there was a wider health problem.

“I’ve seen people with this diagnosis who are in an awful lot of pain and distress,” she said.”[It’s] really difficult for people.

They just want to go home, but the problem is they don’t have any resources to do that.”

For a while, the Hair Foundation focused on helping those with hair disorder, but now it is looking at developing a hair growth and healing scale that could help other hair loss sufferers.

“There’s been a lot of work to develop this scale and we are currently looking at a range of models for the next six months,” Ms Hetheringons said.

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