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WHL players are bracing for a potential WHL lockout in 2019 after a diagnosis of torsion-like symptoms that could limit her participation in the league’s playoffs.

In a statement released Thursday, the WHL Players’ Association said that the “medical and health professionals involved” in the diagnosis of Toddler Darnell Wilson’s neck and back condition were informed in the last 48 hours.

The WHLPA said it was made aware of the diagnosis by the WBO medical advisory committee, and the WPL-WHLW and WHLW-WSLW medical advisory committees met in New York on Thursday to “assess the condition and determine its course of treatment.”

Wilson, the second youngest player in the WSL-WPLW era to earn the title of Most Valuable Player, suffered a partial loss of her left front tooth and back in December and has been out since March.

Her medical condition has been confirmed by WHL medical advisory boards, and her condition has worsened in recent weeks, the league said.

WHL commissioner Brad Treliving said Thursday that Wilson has not played since January and has not been available to play since last week.

The league has asked the WBC and WSLW, which handle the WLBL players’ association, to provide updates on Wilson’s condition and medical condition.

The WHL said the medical and health authorities in charge of the WTLWA medical advisory panels have been informed about the diagnosis and will provide updates to the WCL and WPLW on the situation as they become available.

Wilson was born with a congenital condition in her left lower lobe that prevents the release of the left front lobe, the statement said.

Wilson has a partial left front lobectomy in April 2016.

The condition has caused significant pain and impairment to her ability to walk, talk and breathe, the letter said.

It also limits her ability of playing professional hockey.

Wilson’s diagnosis means she is out of the game.

The condition affects her ability, as well as her family, to travel, play sports or even live, the NHL Players’ Assoc., which represents the WSHL, said in a statement.

She will miss the WLAHL and WBL playoffs, the players’ associations said in the statement.

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